Live Conversation Analysis @ New Scientist Live Festival – Find out more!

Come visit us at the Talkaoke Booth at the New Scientist Live Festival in London, September 22-25!

We are collaborating with Talkaoke, a pop-up talk show where you can talk about anything. This weekend only, you can have your conversation analyzed live!

Our team of scientists from around the UK (see below) are taking a direct feed from the live conversations and analyzing the talk to discover new aspects of human behaviour. Conversation analysts (that’s us) focus on the really small details. We are looking for how our conversations, and the behaviours we do during conversations, are organized and structured. You can be a participant in Talkaoke, and then we can explain how your contribution will add to our research.

You can also see a special talk by Prof. Liz Stokoe on Sunday at the festival.

If you want to learn more, you should check out these videos and web pages to read about how conversation analysis is discovering the underlying structures of interaction and how they make us human.


Article in The Atlantic on the human ability to converse

The science of conversation in Wired Magazine

Liz Stokoe’s TED Talk on Conversation analysis

EM does CA videos (explanations of CA for non-experts)

BBC Interview with Elliott Hoey on Silence in Conversation

The Conversation Analytic Role-play Method (one way that CA can be applied)

Introductory tutorial on CA for undergraduates

Another introductory tutorial on CA for undergraduates


Visiting scientists:

John Rae

Charles Antaki

Liz Stokoe

Alexandra Kent

Rein Sikveland

Saul Albert (organizer)

Veronica González Témer

Emily Hofstetter

Bogdana Huma

Joe Ford

Ann Doehring

Marc Alexander




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